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Mobile technology for small businesses

Mobile Technology

Investing in mobile technology is becoming increasingly important for businesses. According to recent research from AT&T 85% of small businesses use smartphones to improve productivity for business related tasks on a regular basis. The use of smartphones has meant that 75% of employees now use their smartphone to check email. This gives people the ability to work more flexibly and respond or read work related material in their own time. The study showed that 40% of small business owners have a modern smartphone.

What benefit can mobile technology have?

Not only are mobiles important for productivity the use of the right apps can also have significant benefits to businesses. Studies show that small businesses that use apps save on average 5.6hrs per week. That translates to an overall saving of £175 per week on average. Which when added up comes to a total saving of £9100 per year a pretty impressive saving.

The impact of Wireless technology on business

Being able to be wirelessly connected has a range of benefits to small businesses. 65% of small business owners say that wireless technology provides them with a competitive advantage. Use of wireless technology has been steadily increasing with 50% of small business employees stating that they currently use wireless technology to allow them to complete work remotely. The stats for 2020 on wirelessly working will be much higher than this.

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