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More than just a communication tool

Since the pandemic phone usage has hit an all time high. In a recent study 46% of respondents to a survey said they had increased their smartphone use since the pandemic hit.


This is also backed up by the growth in mobile app downloads. Reports shown that these have grown 23.3% since the pandemic, specifically in the work-from-home, food delivery, and fitness segments. While it’s hard to imagine a world without smartphones, it’s only been ten years since the iPhone App Store and Google Play store first launched. By 2022, it’s expected that mobile app downloads will reach 258 billion — a 45% increase since 2017.


With apps taking over, mobile phones are no longer simply for calls and messaging. This is equally as true for businesses. Employee usage of mobiles is not simply for communication with other members of their teams or customers. Business phones can be loaded with apps, which facilitate project management, scheduling, finance management and much more. We touched on this in a previous blog about the The Best Mobile Apps for Managing Your Business on the Go”


Many businesses are even building their infrastructure around mobile devices for their staff. Allowing workers such as engineers to remotely submit data, inspections and reports saves time and money. Business mobiles can extend the technology your business uses to run to every corner of the country.


If you are looking to for business mobile phones then we can help find the best deal for your specific circumstances. Coupled with the included my.plan platform you can keep on top of your staff usage and billing all in one place.

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